Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wikipedia is always right

And I can prove it:

Lets say something that is wrong is on wikipedia.

I will outline all possibilities and show how it's right.

1 - You do nothing about it. In effect, this is admitting it is right, thus making it right. If you have a problem with it, edit it, or shut the hell up. I won't waste my time on people who want to be preachy, which is exactly what you are if you refuse to back up your claims with action.

2 - You edit it to no longer be "wrong" but to be "right"


Now lets examine what can happen from here.

1 - Nobody challenges it.
If so, congrats! You've proven you are right.

2 - It gets challenged.


Now lets examine what can happen from here.

1 - You win the fight
If so, congrats! You've again, proven you are right.

2 - You lose the right.
If this happens it means that there were enough people out there, with information and data to make an argument that was strong enough to beat you. This means your argument, therefore, must not hold much water. If you truly were "right" one of the above things would have happened, but, it did not, and as such, your argument, to be blunt, but not be worth much of anything.

As such, if you can't get your argument past Wikipedia, I have no time for it.

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