Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Set your own tax rate

In Mali apparently you can pick your own tax bracket, 3% or 30%

That got me to thinking, what tax rate would you set for yourself.

I expect half the people who reply to this to be like "0% LOL" but let's see where this goes.

0 sales taxes, other pseudo sales taxes (gas tax, alcohol tax, etc)
0% tax under $2,500 a month
50% tax on income above $2,500 a month

1 comment:

  1. I would set a flat tax on income over the poverty rate as defined for the location where you life.

    I would have a 20% value added tax on everything but government services, food, and shelter

    I would change CPP to individual funds to which people can give more if they like but have to pay in a minimum amount as defined by their age and current state of money in their fund. The government would invest the funds collectively in long term safe investments.